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When George Sturmon discovered a small torque rod rebuilder that was experimenting with replacing rubber bushings with polyurethane bushings in 1984, he was intrigued by the possibilities this material presented. So intrigued, in fact, that he bought the company. Thus was born ATRO Engineered Systems.

Sturmon, an engineer, soon took the benefits of polyurethane a step further when he developed and patented the first of many products to be patented by the company. It was the Free-Rotation bushing. The concept was simple and the results were impressive. Instead of a fixed metal sleeve or pin compressed between the rubber bushing and the suspension, he discovered that if this part could rotate freely, there would be less stress put on both the part and the suspension. Coupled with ATRO’s proprietary polyurethane formulas that dramatically out-perform rubber, the Free-Rotation bushing meant there was now a critical suspension part for heavy-duty trucks, trailers and buses that could outlast traditional rubber parts many times over, while also improving vehicle ride quality and reducing stress on related components.

Vehicle Collage

Fast forward more than two decades and ATRO Engineered Systems is now the recognized leader in polyurethane suspension parts for heavy-duty trucks, trailers, buses and military vehicles and equipment. Through our diverse aftermarket distributor network and our OEM and military vehicle applications, our customers have discovered how ATRO’s products can make a dramatic impact on their bottom-line by reducing downtime, labor and replacement costs.

Molding the future

ATRO Engineered Systems is still a family-owned and operated business, located in the heartland of America in St. Clair, Missouri. And while we’ve supplied customers all over the world, we still treat every one of them like they’re our first customer.

With ATRO's heavy-duty polyurethane suspension parts you can expect long-lasting durability that has been simply unheard of in an industry where loads are extreme, conditions can be brutal, and rubber has been the buffer between those conditions and heavy vehicle suspensions for over a hundred years. That's why ATRO is truly molding the future with our long-lasting polyurethane parts.

ATRO manufactures products for a wide range of vehicle applications.