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Suspension Schematics

New Product Releases

Document Date
Holland Fifth Wheel Rebuild Kits (FW51-32606, FW51-32731 & FW51-32736 10/20/2017
Chalmers 500 & 1000 Series Load Pad (LP19-24010) 10/20/2017
Hutchens Cast Equalizer Beam w/Bushing 09/20/2017
Holland/Neway Large Pivot Bushing (PB57-25394 & PB57-26247) 08/30/17
Mack Insulator Kits w/Hardware & Spacer Blocks (SK62-50340 & SK62-50380)


Replacement parts for ADZ Suspension (AS57-27267 & AS57-27644) 08/07/2017
Jost Fifth Wheel Bushing & Kit (FW99-32401 & FW99-32594) 07/13/2017
Custom Length Torque Rod-Straddle/Hollow Ends 07/10/2017
Replacement parts for PT50-59307 Press In Tool (PT50-59301 & PT50-59303) 07/10/2017
Peterbilt Motor Mount Kits (MM75-62001 & MM75-62001-HT) 06/30/2017
MM75-62401 Front Motor Mount 05/05/2017
CM75-61055 Peterbilt Cab Mount 05/01/2017
AW51-34010 Axle Wrap and AW51-34036 Axle/Trunnion Kit 01/30/2017
MM55-62003 Motor Mount Kit, Front and MM96-62002 Motor Mount, Front (Snubber) 01/16/2017

V-Rod Assembly for Holland/Neway 11/30/2016
Torque Rod Bushing for ATRO's TufTrac® Torque Rod 11/15/2016
Spring Pad of Freightliner 11/08/2016
Adjustable Torque Rod: TR50-45950 11/02/2016
TufTrac® Torque Rods TR46-49002, TR46-49004 & TR46-49998 10/11/2016
Custom Length Torque Rods-Small Eye 10/11/2016
Freightliner Motor Mount Kit w/hardware MM46-62006 10/11/2016
Volvo T-Ride Load Spring LP96-24657 10/11/2016
Mack Vibration Kit (WP62-61003) 09/27/2016
Hendrickson Primaax® Pivot Bushing Kits, Collars and Hardware 09/27/2016
Wear Washer for Hendrickson Auxiliary Axle Pivot Bushings 09/26/2016
Motor Mount Kit with Hardware (Front) 08/31/2016
V-Rod Rebush Kit by ATRO


Hood Mount Kit from ATRO


ATRO Second Quarter 2016 Product Catalog Addendum 06/30/2016

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Product Spotlights

Document Date
PL1017-HT Plus KT62-62216-HT & KT62-62389-HT Kits  09/20/2017
PB46-26268 Pivot Bushing Solves Industry Problems 09/01/2017
Haulmaax Progressive Load Spring (LP50-24778) & Bolster Springs (LP50-24179) 08/31/2017
PB50-36001 Pivot Bushing with Shear Bolt 07/27/2017
LP50-24778 Plus Additional Kits 06/26/2017
EB50-21013 Bar Pin Bushing Kit 04/10/2017
Domed Style Trailer Bumpers 04/05/2017
TR59-41474 Torque Rod with TS59-22400 High Articulating Bushings
ATRO Small Eye Torque Rods - ATRO vs. OE Rod 02/16/2017
ATRO's CR00-67825 Carrier Bearing Assembly 01/19/2017
ATRO's Tri-Functional Bushings with SHEAR Bolts PLUS Collars 01/18/2017
ATRO's Chalmers Aftermarket Replacement Parts with Schematic 08/22/2016
ATRO's Fontaine 5th Wheel Bushings & Kits 08/19/2016
EB38651 & EB38700 Cement Mixer Stinger Axle Booster Cylinder Bushings 04/01/2015
PB50-36000, PB50-36000-EI, PB50-36100, PB50-36100-EI, PB50-36914 & PB50-36914-EI 04/01/2015

LP50-24778 Progressive Rate Load Spring for Haulmaax®

02/26/2015   rev.043015

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Sales Literature & Promotional Items

Document Date
Press Release: ATRO Facility & Distribution Expansion 10/02/2017
ATRO's Digital Assets 08/15/2017
ATRO Linecard 05/10/2017
ATRO's 02/27/2017

Chalmers Popular Aftermarket Parts



Freightliner Popular Aftermarket Parts (Torque Rods, Suspension, Other) 06/01/2017
Freightliner Popular Aftermarket Parts (Under Hood) 06/01/2017
Hendrickson Popular Aftermarket Parts (Suspension) 06/01/2017
Hendrickson Popular Aftermarket Parts (Torque Rods) 06/01/2017
International Popular Aftermarket Parts 06/01/2017
Kenworth Popular Aftermarket Parts 06/01/2017
Mack Popular Aftermarket Parts 06/01/2017

Peterbilt Popular Aftermarket Parts (Torque Rods, Suspension, Other) 06/01/2017
Peterbilt Popular Aftermarket Parts (Under Hood) 06/01/2017
Volvo Popular Aftermarket Parts 06/01/2017
Trailer, Bumpers, etc. Aftermarket Parts 05/13/2015
Kits from ATRO, Popular Aftermarket Replacement Parts 05/13/2015
Suspension Components from ATRO, Popular Aftermarket Parts 05/13/2015
Torque Rods from ATRO, Popular Aftermarket Parts 05/13/2015
Trailer & Miscellaneous Components from ATRO, Popular Aftermarket Parts 05/13/2015
Under Hood Components from ATRO, Popular Aftermarket Parts 05/13/2015


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Technical Bulletins/Engineering Changes

Document Date
TR59-41474 Steel V-Rod with TS59-22400 High Articulating Bushing 09/20/2017
PACCAR Spring Eye Bushing Conversion Chart 07/20/2017
TS34000 New Crimped Design Change 04/01/2017
EM75-61001 and EM75-61001-HT Kit Change 04/01/2017
Discontinued Part Number UB20500 10/31/2016
Discontinued Part Number KT50-25000 03/24/2016
ATRO's All Makes Torque Rods: Why Torque Rods are Critical on Concrete Mixers

02/17/2015 rev. 04/30/15

Discontinued Part Numbers: TS34095, TS38095 and TS38795 07/28/2014
Mack Pads Easy Identification 07/23/2014
Pivot Bushing Design Change: PB50-36000, PB50-36100 & PB50-36914 07/09/2014 

Torque Rods: Determining the correct replacement torque rod 07/07/2014
LP50-24179 Haulmaax™ Bolster Spring Revision 02/23/2012
PB75-29101 & PB75-29674 Peterbilt Air Leaf Bushing Kit Recommended Install Sequence 10/30/2009
ATRO's Sway Bar Parabolic Design 06/05/2009

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Instruction Sheets

RS20200, RS20201 & RS20230 Ridewell Suspension Parts

LP50-24778 Progressive Load Spring
EB50-21013 Bar Pin Bushing
KT59-62001 Motor Mount Kit
Leaf Spring Bushing
Leaf Spring Bushing (Threaded)
Leaf Spring Bushing Kit
Leaf Spring Shackle Kit
MS99-63399 Shifter Isolator Bushing Kit
MS99-63794 Transmission Isolator Kit
PB50-26648 Pivot Bushing
PB50-36000 Trailer Pivot Bushing Kit
PT50-59307 Press In Tool
PT50-59736 Press In Tool
SP59-11006 Spring Eye Bushing
Sway Bar Rebuild Bushing Kit

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