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New Product Releases

Document Date
ATRO Second Quarter 2016 Product Catalog Addendum 06/30/2016
ATRO Motor Mounts - MM46-62004, MM46-62660, MM46-62721 and MM55-62002 01/28/2016
ATRO Trailer Bumpers - BP89-65100, BP99-65182 and BP99-65304


Motor Mounts by ATRO® 01/06/2016
International Torque Rods 12/22/2015
Hutchens Bolt Kits 11/02/2015
Hendrickson Offset Torque Rods
09/18/2015 rev. 11/18/15
Kenworth Motor Mount Kit 08/03/2015
2nd Quarter 2015 Product Catalog Supplement 06/30/2015
TR50-42608, TR50-45620 and TR50-45770 Torque Rod Additions to the ATRO Line 06/10/2015
MM96-62657 Volvo Motor Mount 06/04/2015
KT59-62004-HT Kenworth High Temperature Rear Motor Mount Kit 06/01/2015
KT59-62001-HT Kenworth High Temperature Rear Motor Mount 05/21/2015
MM96-62401-HT, MM96-62870-HT and TR96-41003 New Product Release 05/12/2015
EQ83-35850 & EQ83-35855 Cast Equalizer Beams with Polyurethane Bushings 05/05/2015
1st Quarter 2015 Product Catalog Supplement


TR83-41201 Reyco Torque Rod, Small Eye

rev. 04/16/15

PB83-22723 Reyco Torque Rod Bushing, Eccentric 03/19/2015
TR46-43016 Freightliner Torque Rod, Small Eye 03/18/2015
Hood Latches by ATRO® 03/06/2015
CR00-67825 Carrier Bearing Assembly 03/13/2015
KT50-25002, KT50-25003, LP50-24745, LP50-24746, LP50-24747, LP50-24778 and LP50-24902 Progressive Load Spring and Kits 02/26/2015   rev. 043015
MS50-29890 & MS50-29891 Hendrickson Haulmaax® Wear Plate 02/09/2015
TR13-41635, TR50-41530 & TR50-41570 Torque Rod Additions to the ATRO line 01/12/2015
2014 Year End Catalog Addendum 12/31/2014
HM94-64438 Hood Mount 11/20/2014
TR50-43435, TR50-43475 and TR94-41458 Torque Rod Additions to the ATRO Line 11/12/2014
PL1013-HT High Temperature Mount and TR20025 Custom Length Torque Rod 10/20/2014
CM55-616C5-HT, KT62-62216-HT & KT62-62389-HT High Temperature Mounts 10/14/2014
TR50-41560 Hendrickson Torque Rod 10/06/2014
HW62-50340 Hardware Kit for Mack Pad Kit SK50340 10/02/2014
PL1017-HT Motor Mount - HIGH TEMPERATURE 08/27/2014
CM99-61800 Kalmar/Cargotec Cab Mount/Isolator 08/04/2014
TR21002 Custom Length Torque Rod, Small Eye Forging 07/18/2014
EM75-61001-HT Kenworth/Peterbilt Air Cooler Mount Kit - HIGH TEMPERATURE 07/02/2014
2nd Quarter 2014 Product Catalog Supplement 06/30/2014
TS50-22664 Hendrickson/International Torque Rod Bushing 06/26/2014
SK27174 Torque Rod Kit 06/20/2014
TR55-428C1 International Torque Rod, TR88000 & TR89000 Hendrickson 2-Piece Torque Rod 06/10/2014
HW62-50380 Hardware Kit for Mack Pads Kit SK50380 05/07/2014
TR50-43640 & TR50-43660 Hendrickson Small Eye Torque Rod 04/29/2014
PB62-65251 Cab Pivot Bushing 04/23/2014
TR20024 Custom Length Torque Rod 04/08/2014
LP19-24002 Chalmers Load Spring 03/10/2014

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Product Spotlights

Document Date
CR00-67825 Carrier Bearing Assembly 01/19/2016
EB38651 & EB38700 Cement Mixer Stinger Axle Booster Cylinder Bushings 04/01/2015
PB50-36000, PB50-36000-EI, PB50-36100, PB50-36100-EI, PB50-36914 & PB50-36914-EI 04/01/2015
LP50-24778 Progressive Rate Load Spring for Haulmaax®

02/26/2015   rev.043015

Chalmers Aftermarket Replacement Parts


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Sales Literature & Promotional Items

Document Date
Popular Heavy Duty Aftermarket KITS by ATRO®


Popular SUSPENSION Aftermarket Replacement Parts by ATRO® 05/01/2015
Popular Aftermarket TORQUE RODS by ATRO® 05/01/2015
Popular Aftermarket TRAILER Replacement Parts by ATRO® 05/01/2015
Popular Aftermarket UNDER HOOD Replacement Parts by ATRO® 05/01/2015
ATRO® High Temperature Parts

rev. 12/16/14

Popular ATRO FREIGHTLINER® Aftermarket Parts

rev. 05/01/15

Popular ATRO HENDRICKSON® Aftermarket Parts 08/16/2013
rev. 05/01/15
Popular ATRO INTERNATIONAL® Aftermarket Parts 08/16/2013
rev. 05/01/15
Popular ATRO KENWORTH® Aftermarket Parts 08/16/2013
rev. 05/01/15
Popular ATRO MACK® Aftermarket Parts 08/16/2013
rev. 05/01/15
Popular ATRO PETERBILT® Aftermarket Parts 08/16/2013
rev. 05/01/15
Popular ATRO TRAILER, BUMPERS, ETC. Aftermarket Parts 08/16/2013
rev. 05/01/15
 ATRO is Going Red ... Revolutionary, New High Temperature Motor Mounts 06/03/2013
ATRO ... why Motor Mounts are failing 06/03/2013
ATRO's Quick & Dirty Blue Motor Mount Comparison to Red High Temperature Motor Mounts 
(rev. 4/8/14)
ADP10000 ATRO Counter Display (also available TS38010 cutaway bushing & ATRO trifolds 10/02/2012
ADP20000 ATRO Counter Mat 10/02/2012
ATRO General Products Flyer / Linecard 04/10/2012
The ATRO Difference 09/06/2012
ATRO's Product Features & Benefits 07/13/2008

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Technical Bulletins

Document Date
ATRO's All Makes Torque Rods: Why Torque Rods are Critical on Concrete Mixers

02/17/2015 rev. 04/30/15

Discontinued Part Numbers: TS34095, TS38095 and TS38795 07/28/2014
Mack Pads Easy Identification 07/23/2014
Pivot Bushing Design Change: PB50-36000, PB50-36100 & PB50-36914 07/09/2014 
Torque Rods: Determining the correct replacement torque rod 07/07/2014
Haulmaax™ Auxiliary Spring & Spring Shim Evaluation and Replacement 09/20/2012
LP50-24179 Haulmaax™ Bolster Spring Revision 02/23/2012
TR59-41474 Kenworth Airglide Torque Rod 07/21/2010
PB75-29101 & PB75-29674 Peterbilt Air Leaf Bushing Kit Recommended Install Sequence 10/30/2009
UB20500 and UB20500-OS Freightliner Air Liner II 10/23/2009
SW59-29000 and SW59-29001 Redesigned Sway Bar Kit 06/25/2009
ATRO's Sway Bar Parabolic Design 06/05/2009
Aluminum Torque Rods / Peterbilt Torque Rod & Bushing Replacement 03/04/2009

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Instruction Sheets

LP50-24778 Progressive Load Spring
EB50-21013 Bar Pin Bushing
KT59-62001 Motor Mount Kit
Leaf Spring Bushing
Leaf Spring Bushing (Threaded)
Leaf Spring Bushing Kit
Leaf Spring Shackle Kit
MS99-63399 Shifter Isolator Bushing Kit
MS99-63794 Transmission Isolator Kit
PB50-26648 Pivot Bushing
PB50-36000 Trailer Pivot Bushing Kit
PT50-59307 Press In Tool
PT50-59736 Press In Tool
RS20200 Suspension Rebuild Kit
SP59-11006 Spring Eye Bushing
Sway Bar Rebuild Bushing Kit

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