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Truck Rear Suspension
Truck Rear Suspension

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Truck Rear Suspension

ATRO’s parts for truck rear suspension feature longer life, lower cost-per-mile bushings that are easy to install and require no maintenance or grease. Many of these products feature an outer metal sleeve with a rotating inner bushing which eliminates bushing "wind-up" and extends the life of the bushing and attaching parts dramatically. Some products seen here are designed for shock absorption (load pads) while other parts are designed with a resilient material to allow energy to transmit through the bushing so stress can dissipate throughout the suspension without concentrating excess stress on weaker spots like welds or bolt holes. With ATRO torque rod bushings, there's no need to worry about marking the bolt hole position when rebushing the rod since the pins rotate 360 degrees. In all cases, ATRO’s bushings are chemically resistant to contaminates such as road salt, grease, oil, acidic cleaning solvents, hydraulic fluid and diesel fuel.

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