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Motor Mount Kit w/Hardware
Motor Mount Kit w/Hardware
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Motor Mount Kit w/Hardware

ATRO Part Number 

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Kit Components

  • (1) MM59-62421
  • (1) MM59-62377
  • (1) Wear Plate
  • (1) Wear Sleeve
  • (1) Bolt 20mm x 120mm
  • (1) Locknut
  • (2) Flat Washers
  • Both rear mounts must be ATRO polyurethane engine mounts
  • Do not mix with rubber or non-compatible polyurethane engine mounts

Part Cross Reference
OE Manufacturer OE Part Application Info
Dyco D114 Upper
  D-114 Upper
  DT1426 Lower
  DT1425 Upper
Energy Suspension 32.1106R Set T600
Kenworth K066-377 no hardware
  K066-421 no hardware
Newstar S-20079 Upper T600, T800 Models
  S-20078 Lower T600, T800 Models