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ATRO Savings Calculator

ATRO polyurethane bushings last longer than rubber, which means dramatically lower labor, parts and downtime cost over the life of your heavy-duty suspension. Install ATRO bushings and start saving your hard-earned money!

Use this tool to find out how much money you can save using long-lasting ATRO polyurethane bushings by filling in all of the yellow boxes below.


How many months do rubber bushings typically last on your truck?

Most ATRO bushings are guaranteed to last for 3 years or 36 months, and many fleet managers have experienced ATRO bushings lasting much longer than that. Typically, ATRO bushings last at least 3 times as long as rubber.


What do you expect to pay for both rubber bushings and ATRO polyurethane bushings?

The costs shown are an example, enter the prices you expect to pay to your parts supplier.

$ $

How much will you pay for labor to install these parts?

The cost to install ATRO bushings is the same as the cost to install rubber bushings, enter the price you expect to pay to your installer.


How many trucks do you maintain in your fleet?


How much does it cost you in lost revenue to have a truck down for one day to install bushings?

The figure shown is typical, enter your actual revenue loss associated with one day of downtime.


How many miles per year do your trucks operate?


Your bushing maintenance cost (parts, labor and lost revenue)
for a single truck over a 3 year period:
$ $
Your bushing maintenance cost per mile: $ $
Over a 3 year period, by using ATRO bushings throughout your fleetYOU SAVE:
$ Total savings
$ Per mile