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PACCAR Parts Awards ATRO 2021 Supplier of the Year

Working together—on the road, online, on the phone—the ATRO and PACCAR Parts sales teams have consistently demonstrated the benefits of ATRO products to our large network of dealers and fleet customers.

One Torque Rod works around the clock.

ATRO's rotating pin fits any clocking angle for faster, simpler installation.


"It’s a huge advantage for us to use the ATRO bushings as a one-and-done solution."

—Chris Disantis, Vice President of Maintenance at AIM Transportation Solutions.

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ATRO and Steer King Join Forces.


ATRO and Steer King Join Forces

Premium no-ream King Pin repair kits for Class-8 heavy duty trucks. Professional quality and easier installation.

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ATRO Regional Warehouses North America Distribution


Expanded U.S. distribution with fast nationwide shipping.

We're investing to serve you better. Count on long-lasting parts from a long-lasting company.

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Savings Calculator

See how much you can save on fleet maintenance.

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Custom engineered for your success.

Our polyurethane truck parts consistently out-perform for quality and longevity.

ATRO heavy duty truck parts stronger materials

Polyurethane is stronger than rubber, and wears less with reduced friction at the surface. With ATRO, you'll have a longer life on your parts—and less downtime for your fleet.

ATRO polyurethane parts for heavy duty trucks are chemically resistant

ATRO polyurethane parts are resistant to oil, grease, salt, and abrasives. When compared to rubber parts, ATRO parts last 3-5 times longer, perform better, and are safer.

ATRO Polyurethane parts customized formulas

ATRO’s engineering team has designed specific polyurethane compounds to optimize performance on each part—including our exclusive High-Temp engine parts.