About ATRO

ATRO is an innovative parts manufacturer utilizing proprietary polyurethane formulations to produce superior products. A recognized worldwide leader in suspension products, ATRO scientifically engineers for the part application to improve performance and durability compared to rubber products. ATRO provides components for heavy-duty trucks, trailers and buses, as well as for agricultural and military equipment. ATRO’s product line extends beyond suspension bushings and torque rods and applies polyurethane bumper to bumper, including under-hood, cab and trailer parts.

ATRO isn't just a polyurethane company that makes truck and trailer parts – we're a parts designer and manufacturer that utilizes polyurethane simply because it's the best material for many of the applications seen in the transportation industry. Since we realized many years ago that not all materials are alike and a single formulation will not work everywhere, ATRO has formulated 11 ATRO Polys after determining the key physical properties required for best performance in each application. We then manufacture with these formulations to produce parts best suited for that function – whether for load-bearing, vibration dampening, energy transmission, shock absorption or a combination of any of these.

ATRO was founded in 1987 and is family-owned and based in St. Clair, Missouri.