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Our heavy-duty polyurethane truck parts will keep you on the road longer.

ATRO Polyurethane parts stronger materials

The physical properties of ATRO's polyurethane are so superior that rubber simply can't compete.

ATRO Polyurethane parts chemically resistant

ATRO parts are resistant to oil, grease, salt, and abrasives. They last longer and perform better.

ATRO Polyurethane parts for heavy duty trucks customized formulas

ATRO's custom polyurethane blends are designed to deliver peak performance for each part.

Today's typical rubber bumpers do not last very long and may be worn out in six to twelve months. ATRO's polyurethane bumpers have been proven to last as much as 15 times longer than rubber.

Changing out a simple trailer bumper can present a technician with unexpected problems. Many of today’s bumpers are mounted into a sealed bumper frame that contains the stop/tail/turn lamps. Often, a lamp will need to be removed to gain access to the rusted nuts on the inside of the trailer bumper frame. This is further complicated when the lamp is secured with a riveted lock ring, common with the newer LED powered stop/ tail/turn lamps. The bumper removal process usually takes a minimum of 20 minutes and as much as 45 minutes to complete and often the lamp gets damaged in the process.

Hood Latches: Additions to ATRO's Product Group

The physical properties of ATRO's Polyurethane are so superior that rubber simply can't compete. This is true for many truck components and applies to hood latches, in particular because:

  • Hood Latches are exposed to the elements — polyurethane is not affected by chemical attack.
  • The quality of rubber fluctuates — ATRO polyurethane is consistent.
  • Repeated use causes rubber hood latch straps to break.
  • ATRO Polyurethane has 3x the tear strength of rubber.

ATRO Exterior Parts

Tested Material

Proprietary formulas confirmed with every ATRO production run.

Resistant to the elements

Impervious to chemical attack. Black poly is UV resistant and will not fade or discolor.

Stronger material

2-5 times elongation properties and superior tensile strength.