Long-term Cost Savings with Polyurethane Bushings

Improve Bottom-Line Profitability with Bushings!
See how much ATRO bushings can help you save

In previous blog posts, and our recent whitepaper, we described how ATRO proprietary bushings can last three to five times longer than rubber bushings or other products on the market today.[read more]

While we think this is pretty impressive, we understand if the significance of this isn’t immediately apparent.

But what if we told you that could save 65% of your total bushing maintenance costs for every truck in your fleet over a three-year period? Model your own information with our detailed ATRO savings calculator.

How are these savings possible?

This comprehensive calculator is designed to produce true total bushing maintenance costs on a three-year basis for both standard rubber bushings as well as ATRO’s proprietary polyurethane bushings.

We include criteria such as bushing lifetime (in months), part costs, labor costs, the number of trucks in your fleet, total mileage, and lost revenue when a truck goes down per day. Lost revenue is a significant variable, and one that tends to get overlooked.

The calculator then produces a number of valuable results, including bushing maintenance costs, maintenance costs per mile and a total savings amount you can expect to save over a three-year period. Note that these are all calculated for a single truck in your fleet.

So in the example cited above, we used the suggested input data for rubber bushings as our default information. When comparing it to ATRO bushings, we used a lifetime number that was three times more than the rubber bushings. This may be a conservative approach since research has shown our bushings may last up to five times longer than rubber.

All of this produces a total, three-year bushing cost of $3,000 for a single truck and demonstrates that by using ATRO bushings over a three-year period, you can save $1967, or 65% of your total bushing maintenance cost. Even better, all ATRO bushings are guaranteed to last 36 months, so there is essentially no risk in choosing them over rubber parts.

Interested in modeling your own numbers? Please use our ATRO bushing saving calculator to see how much you can save.

Or, if you’d like to learn even more about the many advantages of polyurethane bushings, including a closer look at how they outlast and outperform rubber bushings, please click the link to download our new whitepaper “Polyurethane versus Rubber Bushings: Increase Bushing Life and Extend the Life of Suspension Components”.