Over the Road Fleets: ATRO Keeps Your Trucks Rolling

Your mechanic is a key part of your team, making sure your over the road truck fleet is ready to go, no matter the haul, the weather, or the road conditions.[read more] You want your mechanic focusing on preventive maintenance while keeping your fleet in tip-top shape. They address problems before they happen. Their job is to help avoid unscheduled or emergency maintenance.

ATRO helps you – and your mechanic – keep your trucks rolling with our quality, proprietary polyurethane bushings.

ATRO Bushings are Easy to Install and Help Reduce Stress in Your Suspensions.

ATRO’s proprietary polyurethane bushings are uniquely designed to allow swift bolt hole alignment during installation, and also reduce stress on the entire suspension. Bushing “windup” occurs when the elastomeric material between the inner and outer sleeves is bonded to both surfaces. ATRO’s design eliminates the torque stresses that create bushing “windup” because the pin is free to swivel a full 360°. This eliminates premature cracks and tears as well as the other problems that occur when the suspension system is not able to perform as intended or isn’t maintained properly.

ATRO Designs Bushings to Keep Your Over the Road Fleets on the Road Longer

ATRO bushings are designed for added strength and to be impervious to all caustic elements – from water to diesel fuel to cleaning agents – that your trucks frequently encounter. ATRO’s proprietary polyurethane bushings last 3 to 5 times as long as their rubber counterparts.

Choosing the right bushings can keep your fleet on the road longer. With ATRO polyurethane bushings, that means more time spent doing the jobs you’re paid to do, while letting your mechanic focus on keeping your trucks in the best shape possible.