Superior Parts for Oil and Gas Fleets

Oil and Gas extraction trucks take a beating. Road conditions are harsh. Heavy loads are the norm. They have to reach remote locations within tough conditions.[read more] Extra stress wears on suspensions and affects the overall performance and component life.

What to do… Continue on the steady path of using existing parts and components that you always have? Maybe that isn't the right decision.

We know that prices for gas and oil have hit an all-time low. Perhaps your oil and gas extractor trucks are having a rest and sitting in the yard. Now is the time to do that scheduled maintenance, check out its parts, and make some decisions while it’s parked (and while it won’t hurt your bottom line).

Proven to last 3 to 5 times as long as standard rubber parts, ATRO’s polyurethane parts simply help oil and gas extraction vehicles perform better.

Time to complete that maintenance is now

Using ATRO’s proprietary polyurethane bushings is much more cost-effective than simply relying on reactive maintenance. Unlike other polyurethane bushings, ATRO specifically designs proprietary polyurethane parts and components to meet the oil and gas extraction vehicle’s exact specifications.

When oil and gas extraction fleet owners choose parts from ATRO, they will save a significant portion of their total maintenance costs* for every vehicle in the fleet.

A better decision: Materials that pay you back

Polyurethane parts are the answer. ATRO is proud to be provide state of the art, longer lasting, better performing materials to keep your trucks performing better, and longer that with other parts.

ATRO’s components provide the following benefits:

  • Reduce vehicle downtime and the associated labor costs
  • Gain a longer life – up to 3 to 5 times longer – than traditional rubber bushings
  • Keep oil and gas extraction vehicles up and running to increase revenues and profits

Download the white paper entitled "A Better Decision for Oil and Gas Extraction Fleets" to learn more about the specific benefits for Oil and Gas Extraction vehicles.

See how much this making this switch save you

Don’t let your trucks be down for even one minute. There is a better decision to be made. Even though polyurethane might cost a bit more to purchase over a similar rubber part, think of the savings it will provide in the long run. Try this savings calculator to measure how much this this smart business decision can makes.

Try the savings calculator for yourself!*

* ATRO saving calculator factored such variables as bushing lifetime (in months), part costs, labor costs, the number of trucks in the fleet, total mileage, and lost revenue.