4.0 Torque Rods

4.0 Torque Rods

Purpose of a Torque Rod

  • Restrain rotation of the axle housing during acceleration and braking
  • Locate the axle and maintain alignment
  • Control driveline angle
  • Absorb leaning and cornering forces

 Key Technical Point:

  • Transverse rods must be perpendicular to the frame rail when installed. If not installed properly:
  • The inner pin could break
  • The torque rod could break
  • The bushing could walk out of the rod
  • Warranty may be void

 When Should Rods be Rebushed or Replaced?

  • Bent torque rod
  • More than 1/8" movement at the rod eye. Check by hand
  • or by prying against end with a bar
  • Bushing material is torn or cracked
  • Pin or sleeve in the rod eye is off-center (pin appears to be “walking out” of rod eye)
  • Pin/sleeve is no longer located in the vertical center of the rod eye
  • Bolt hole in straddle pins is stretched, elongated

Bushing Types

ATRO SU99-1000 - Straddle Bushing
Straddle Bushing
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ATRO TH03-82751 - Hollow Mount Bushing
Hollow Bushing
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ATRO TT50-22500 - Taper Pin Bushing Small Eye
Taper Pin Bushing
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Torque Rods Measuring Length

ATRO torque rods measure center to center
Torque Rods Measuring Length

Measure center-to-center (within +/- 1/16 inch)

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Function of a Torque Rod

ATRO torque rods functions: restrain axle rotation
Restrain Axle Rotation
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ATRO torque rods functions: locate axle, maintain alignment
Locate Axle, Maintain Alignment
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ATRO torque rods functions: control driveline angle
Control Driveline Angle
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ATRO torque rods functions: absorb leaning, cornering forces
Absorb Leaning, Cornering Forces
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Rebush or Replace?

ATRO torque rods rebush or replace when bushing material is torn or cracked
Bushing Material is Torn or Cracked
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ATRO torque rods rebush or replace when you find bushing walk-out
Bushing "Walk-Out"
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